Activity 1.2.1. Advertisement – Develop communication and dissemination strategy, organization and implementation of an information campaign and public awareness, creating a web page and a knowledge base

Sub-activities: Establish communication and dissemination strategy


was developed the project publicity plan, which includes communication strategy and dissemination, publicity, in accordance with the provisions of Annex 4 Information and Publicity Requirements, Regulations on the implementation of the EEA  andNorvegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014 and the Commmunication and design manual. Also they were made logo and letterhead design. Organizing the conference opening the project (kick-off meeting)

Responsible: APM Sibiu

Implementation Status: full

Opening Conference of the project (kick-off meeting) to d esfasurat during 26.02. – 27.2.2015 at Hotel Ibis Sibiu. The event was attended by over 100 people from the public authorities of different vulnerable sectors, public and private companies, NGOs, stakeholders. The conference was organized in collaboration with Norwegian partner KS and Romanian partners of the project. The event was attended by six experts Norwegians. information materials

Responsible: APM Sibiu

Status Implementation: full


Materials developed aimed at informing and awareness of identified target groups and the general public to draw attention to the knowledge and understanding of the effects of climate change and the need to adapt to climate change, information and publicity EEA Grants.

Some of the information materials developed, folders, bags eco, memory sticks, pens, certificates, stickers, shirts, badges were distributed to participants in the training sessions on adaptation to climate change and participants in information / awareness, contests exhibitions, road shows within the project. They were located in three municipalities: Sibiu, Brasov and Tg. Mures flyers, posters, leaflets, brochures. Performed TV spot advertising being broadcast on local television stations, regional and national TV station.

SPOT TV Organizing and implementing awareness campaign at local or regional level on adaptation to climate change

Responsible: APM Sibiu

Status Implementation: full

We have initiated outreach activities / awareness on adaptation to climate change in schools and have launched a competition for students. 2 shares held awareness / information on  1214_actiuni_constientizare adaptation to climate change in two high schools in Sibiu, National Pedagogical College “Andrei Saguna” Sibiu on 05.06 – world environment Day and Economic College “Baritiu” Sibiu, on 10/06/2015. These shares were attended by over 250 students and teachers. Upon completion of these actions was launched a contest on “a slogan to adapt to climate change.”

The selection of winners was made involving communicators network in the field of climate change adaptation. Award ceremony was done in the Action September 22, 2015 A day without a car – European Mobility Week, 10 bicycles.

Students awarded:

    • Ioana Cristina –  1214_castigatori_biciclete Whether as bad weather, Green is my way!
    • Zidu Adrian – Nature does not ask us to be brilliant, asks us to rational
    • Nemeti sorin- If you want change, make the first move yourself!
    • Roxana Popa Maria – If you do not adapt, better not pollute!
    • Vasiu Dan Flori- climate change, do not let that affect you. Adapt yourself!
    • Burnete Roxana Cristina – Be the change for the bett1214_premiere_bicicleteer, if you do not do nobody will! The environment is you, not to harm the environment, you do not do but bad you!
    • Lotrean Elenia Raluca- All nature, everything for life!
    • Agârbiceanu Andreea – Be the change you want to see in others!
    • Barrels Liliana – Bicicleste and save!
    • Sorin Dumitru – Keep in mind! Use the AsThere where information and awareness actions on adaptation to climate change, on 14/04/2016, Secondary School no. 6 and Secondary School no. 8 of Brasov, and with Earth Day 22.04.2016, Nicolae Iorga Secondary School in Sibiu. Information and awarenessIMG_8743  on climate change adaptation occurred in Tg. Mures, on 06/05/2016 at Secondary School no. 7 and Secondary School Europe Tg. Mures. They continued these actions of information and awareness on climate change adaptation on 13/05/2016 at Secondary School Maria Regina in Sibiu and date of 03/06/2016 High School Constantin Noica in Sibiu. These actions were attended by over 600 students and teachers.

For students was carried out contest for innovative solutions “ Green Way in layouts ” (three themed contests -modele interuniversity) as models and projects on three specific sectors secţiuni- vulnerable. The contest was held between 08/06/2015 – 02/26/2016. The selection of candidates was done through competition, in two stages. The first step was to assess the applications received, the second step consisted in a contest of innovative solutions in the form of models / projects on adaptation to climate change by regulation concursului.Foto template Reduction Device dust . Students winners of layouts Verde Way , five teams participated in the period 10 to 19 April 2016 a study visit to Norway.

was conducted contest My school adapts during the period 4.4.2016, for schools in the 3 municipalities, equipping and rehabilitation of green spaces on site. They entered the competition nine schools in the cities of Sibiu, Targu Braşovşi. Mures. The contest was aimed information / awareness of students / teachers on importanţaspaţiilor green their functions of ecological, social and economic benefits to human health and the environment. Schools in this competition, have benefited from the settlement of a maximum of 500 lei for rehabilitation rear arrangement or see inside the school where students were implicaţişi, following verification of the public land land / rehabilitated as green areas. .

Designation of the winners was made by voting for photos posted on the project website with landscaped green spaces / rehabilitated by our website and by a vote of three members of the project team. Awarding the winners with three weather stations (For Teacher), held to celebrate World Environment Day, on 06/07/2016.

In the period 08.04 – 06.24.2016 occurred contest cartoons and adapt to the climate change “for primary school pupils and secondary schools in the cities of Sibiu, Brasov and Tg. Mures. The objective of the contest is for students to become aware of climate change and the need to adapt and to send a message to change people’s attitudes towards the environment.

The designs submitted in the competition were displayed at the exhibition organized by date of 09/22/2016, the celebration of the International Day without cars, the Sibiu Cregulament-concurs-foto-revizuit_002ity Hall and City Hall on 28/09/2016 at Brasov, they were winning students and winners of the drawing contest with 27 scooters. Exhibitions of drawings were open to the public for 3 days in each city.

Performed Caravan Green Way in the three municipalities, Sibiu, Brasov and Tg. Mures in the period 31.10 -08.11.2016. Green Way Caravan started on 31 October 2016 Piata Mare in Sibiu, and continued on 01/11/2016 at the Faculty of Engineering “H. Oberth “,” Lucian Blaga “. Then Green Way Caravan moved in Union Square in Brasov on 11.03.2016 and the National College “Dr. I. Mesota “in date 04/11/2016. The last stop of the Caravan Route held in Tg green. Mures Victoria Square and the University “Petru Maior”, on 7 and 8 November 2016.

Green Way Caravan purpose was to inform and raise awareness and tanara- generation (pupils, students) on the responsibility and the role they have the attitude and lifestyle of each concept to adapt to climate change adaptation to climate change adaptation measures, results of the EEA Grants 2009-2014 advertising, financing the project. Attended by over 570 people in the 3 cities Caravan Green Way, competitions were held on the theme of adaptation to climate change, they were awarded prizes in promotional items imprinted with EEA Grants



Were launched; Two competitions on 30/09/2016 contest & nbsp; Photo Adaptation to climate change in photos and video competition Focus on Adaptation to Climate Change .The competitions were aimed information / awareness of the younger generation on the need for measures / actions to adapt to climate change and advertising EEA Grants. Photo and video contests regulations are posted on the project website.

Designation winners Photo – February popularity awards for each category of study upper secondary / university, made by voting photographs posted on the project website by website visitors and 4 awards approved by a vote of three members the project team. Section polling and photos submitted for the contest  can be accessed at climate-in-photos / . The winners of the photo contest were rewarded with cameras and the photographs were exhibited at a photo exhibition on climate change adaptation, which took place on 02.02.2017 at Tg. Mures.

Photo Contest winners Adaptation to climate change in photos:

  • Study category – high schoolAlexandra Marton, photo shifting seasons Larisa Zapan Petronela, photo;



    Dina Daniel George & nbsp; photo Limit global warming – prize popularity -514 votes.


    • category of post-secondary study / University Cosmin Corbie, photos There Will Be no order , only chaos   

      Alexoaie Lavinia Dorina, photo Deforestation costs more


      Nicu Catalina, photo Pollution scare most beautiful birds – prize popularity -102 votes.

    • At the video contest, the popularity prize, according to the votes of visitors to the website – 521 votes accrued, was won by the video Atentie, we are in danger! Conducted by the team made up of Buhoiu Dragoş and Guştiuc Andreea, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Protection Engineering, ULB from Sibiu. Contest Prize-winners in High School Study Category: Adaptation to Climate Change Video by Buta Andreea Iuliana and Haghel Elisabeta from Theoretical High School “G. Moroianu “in Sacel, Braşov county and in the category of the university study, the video My Ecological Garden, made by Mitronici Mihăiţă and Nicu Cătălina, Faculty of Sciences, ULB from Sibiu. The presenters of the “Focus on Adapting to Climate Change in Photos” contest received a portable computer, with an overall total of 6 portable ASUS computers. 

      What should your city look like, geared to climate change? This is the question answered by the participants in the “My City, Adapted to Climate Change” competition. The participants presented actions, measures, solutions, opinions on the adaptation to climate change of the city where they live or would like to live. The competition was structured on 4 sections, depending on the way the participants of the competition, at their choice, essay / project / photograph / drawing. The 27 winners were rewarded with a trot.
      On 28 March 2017, the “Open Doors Day” event took place at the inauguration of the Educational Center for Adaptation to Climate Change in Tirgu Mures, 4, Iuliu Maniu Street. The Climate Adaptation Education Center will set up a research, monitoring and data processing activity on climate change at the Tirgu Mureş microclimate level and the study of the effects of climate change on population health, equipped with specific equipment, teaching materials, Measure through the “Green Way to Sustainable Development” project.


      Web page creation and knowledge base project

      Implementation stage: done

      It created the project website, and Facebook page, being functional in June 2015. The knowledgebase / database contains relevant studies, reports and guides, maps and thematic presentations throughout the project results. You can select the language of playback EN – EN possibility search. The information contained is updated and improved website structure and content throughout the project development. The website had a record 4712 views / day, and by the end of December 2016 the project website  It amounted to a total of  31 336 views, as shown in the chart below:

      grafic Ensuring mass media campaigns on adaptation to climate change and project

      Responsible: APM Sibiu

      Status Implementation: full

      campaign in the media on project development and adaptation to climate change is underway. They were published press releases in the 3 municipalities Sibiu, Brasov and Tg. Mures at  1216 national in print journalism and online, web sites, totaling over 200 appearances, have given interviews in the press, radio and TV. They also held four press conferences at the launch of the project, the implementation phase of the project in July 2015 (the left photo) and at Action September 22, 2015 – A day without a car , Week European mobility, the implementation phase of the project, on December 10, 2016

      The main activities and actions conducted under ‘staff makes coverage of events in print and environment on line and we need invited media representatives.

       Organize closing conference of the project and disseminate its results

      Responsible: APM Sibiu

      Status of implementation: –

      Period of implementation: 27 – 28 April 2017


      This meeting will be held for a period of two days, will be invited representatives from the target groups of the partner Norwegian, Romanian partners, stakeholders , media, etc. There will be presentations on project results, the fulfillment of the objectives of the project, difficulties encountered during the implementation of the purpose of disseminating its results.

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