Development of meteorological studies

Activity 2.1.1. Developing research weather: Data collection and mapping,
Numerical experiments study design, determination of potential energy resources, study Sectoral and Regional Planning Guideline Development Cros agricultural technologies
Responsible: National Meteorological Administration, Bucharest
Implementation Period: November 2016
Sub-activities: Data collection and mapping – study on the evolution of current climatic resources (1961-2010) in order to develop regional policies for managing extreme weather events
Implementation stage: integrally The study design numerical experiments involving regional climate model RegCM in Region 7 Center, is intended to give details of climate variability and change at very fine resolutions (10km).
Implementation stage: integrally Determination of potential energy resources (wind and solar) as the basis for the development of alternative energy systemsimg_20160811_160558
Implementation stage: integrally Cros Sectorial Regional Planning Study
Implementation stage: integrally Develop Guidelines for adapting agriculture to climate change technologies for Region 7 Centre
Implementation stage: integrally

Installation of three automatic weather stations in the cities of Sibiu, Brasov and Tg. Mures
Stage of implementation: integrally

It has installed automatic meteorological station in Tg. Plateau Cornesti Mures near the zoo, going to be installed in the other two municipalities.